Secret Service ‘Sorry’ After Making Hundreds Of Kids With Cancer Leave WH Park

The Secret Service has said “sorry,” after moving hundreds of child cancer patients and their parents out of the park across from the White House, so President Barack Obama could be driven to an event nearby.

An agency spokesman apologised after bum-rushing the group, which numbered 700 and had a permit, during an awareness-raising event and candlelight vigil, while the President was being transported by motorcade.

secret service children cancer park Lafayette Park 2

The Secret Service did not comment on why the closure for this particular travel was so lengthy, but did apologize: Continue reading

Sarah Palin In Talks To Join THE VIEW

Sarah Palin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a possible seat on ABC’s The View.

Pending the departures of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, Palin revealed in Monday’s interview, she’s actively interested.


All reporter Marisa Guthrie had to do was ask Palin if she was generally interested in hosting a political talk show and she quickly opened up about her apparent desire to join the ABC daytime show. Palin said: Continue reading

One Man Gets 2 DUIs in One Night at One McDonald’s And Other Hot Links

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Ted Cruz Has An Incredible Response To These Tattooed Posters Of Him

Hours before he was set to deliver a speech in Los Angeles, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) delivered an incredible response to the photoshopped posters of him around Beverly Hills this week. Saw this, but noticed an error. So I wanted to make one thing … read full article Continue reading

Reactions to Lil’ Wayne’s Siezure Scare

Rapper T.I. had some choice words for TMZ after they announced that Lil Wayne was given his “last rites”. Ti lil wayne tweet 500x541 Reactions to Lil Waynes Siezure Scare

Also Mack Maine tweeted,

“We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!”

Maine also got on TMZ, saying:

“@TMZ it’s certain s–t you should not talk about or play with if u don’t kno what u talking bout….don’t deceive the fans or the people” 


But my favorite tweet is from Will Ferrell, “Lil Wayne is alright. He was just feeling a little weezy.”

Rush Limbaugh Babes For America

I’ve found that it’s easier to just let Rush do the talking…

rush babes ap Rush Limbaugh Babes For America “I’ve been tired for a long time of these faux female groups, which are really nothing but groups of liberals, the National Organization for Women is not a female organization. It’s a liberal organization disguised as a group that’s interested in the rights of women.

rush babes ap

These groups, they happen to have ‘woman’ or ‘women’ in their names, and they’re claiming to represent all women. And in reality, they represent a tiny number of highly-agitated activist types. They’re basically miserable and unhappy women, for whatever reason. As a means of contrast, NAGs, the National Organization of Gals. Rush Babes for America has more than 22,000 likes. Bill Maher can go out and he can attack conservative women all day and he can call them the most disgusting names, and the National Organization for Women will not condemn him, they will not condemn President Obama for accepting a million-dollar donation from Bill Maher. I happen to know the women in this audience in total number dwarf the membership of the National Organization for Women, and yet there they are teaming up with Media Matters, a combined program designed to convince everybody I should be taken off the air. Well, what about the women who listen to this program? What about the women who like this program? What about the women who believe in this program? What about the women who agree with the political concepts, the values, the objectives as stated by your host on this program? What of them, what of all of you women who seemingly don’t exist to the media, to the National Organization for Women. There are many, many more of you than there are of them. And Rush Babes for America at Facebook is where you go to be officially counted and tabulated and to make a difference.”