MSNBC Cheeky Headline ”Rump Upstages Rubio”

EXCLUSIVE: MSNBC truncated GOP front runner Donald Trump‘s name to read “Rump” on a recent story appearing on their website.

The cheeky headline read, “rump upstages Rubio with endorsement.”

msnbc rump trump headline

The feud between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump rages on as Presidential hopefuls make their final pitches to Super Tuesday states. Continue reading

STUDY: Trump’s Huge Poll Numbers Are Actually UNDERSTATED

A new study, examining a mystery confounded polling analysts, says Donald Trump‘s huge poll numbers may actually be understated.

Confusing the polsters is the fact Trump performs much better in online-based surveys rather than polls that include live-telephone interviews, which may indicate some voters are planning to vote for Trump, but may be reluctant to admit their support for the controversial candidate.

donald trump twitter

In self-administered online interviews voters will be more likely to admit their support. And that will more likely reflect their eventual decision in the privacy of a voting booth. Continue reading

Two Black Ladies Defending Donald Trump Proves Hilariously Insightful

No matter how you feel about Presidential candidate Donald Trump, you have got to love these two ladies who took to Youtube to come to his defense.

Is this yet another indication that the Donald’s appeal crosses all ethnic and gender boundaries? If these ladies are any indication, then the answer to both is a resounding “yes.”

kelly bashers defend trump megyn kelly

Megyn Kelly, who do she think she is? She is trying to destroy our future president Mr. Donald Trump and we won’t let that happen. Here is our take… You hit below the belt, Kelly. You hit below the belt, girl! But blow on this. Leave my man Donald Trump the hell alone!

So does this mean that Trump is a True uniter?

Young Singer On iTunes Charts After Glenn Beck Discovers Her At Local Graduation

Abby Anderson is the 17-year-old who recently left Glenn Beck in awe at a local graduation ceremony by singing her own version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.’”

The song, which she calls “Let Freedom Ring,” is the best version of the song he has ever heard, said Beck.

Abby-Anderson glenn beck

“I wanted to say it was — it’s definitely my heavenly father,” Anderson said on Glenn Beck’s radio program Friday, giving all the credit to God. “As I was playing, it was almost as if I moved my hands, but it’s like God was moving them.”

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Glenn Beck: Romney Never Thanked Me For Priceless Gift

The Blaze radio host Glenn Beck revealed he “deeply regrets” giving Mitt Romney a rare, first-edition copy of President George Washington‘s farewell address, because he never received a thank you.

glen-beck (1)

Watch the clip below via The Blaze.

“I was trying to cement in his mind, ‘You have run an honorable race,’” Beck said said, explaining the rationale behind the gift. “‘I don’t agree with you on everything. But please understand the time that we’re in, and if you win, you have to be George Washington.’”

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