Despicable Tyson Foods Employees Caught On Video Abusing Defenseless Chickens

Everyone knows you don’t play with your food and you never choke your chicken at work. Apparently these Tyson employees didn’t get the memo. New video footage has been uncovered that shows them beating, throwing, kicking and of course choking chickens.

An animal rights group released the graphic video and it appears to show serious mistreatment of chickens by Tyson Foods employees in a Virginia plant. These actions have led to at least two Animal Control investigations.

tyson abuse food chickens

Compassion Over Killing, an animal-advocacy organization, said the videos were recorded by an undercover investigator who represented the group. The videos were taken at four different facilities where Tyson workers process chickens. Continue reading

Marco Rubio Fuels Rumors He’s Dropping Out After Doing THIS

Right before he is set to appear at the Fox News Republican debate, Marco Rubio has quietly cancelled two of his scheduled campaign stops. The move has created suspicion on social media that the senator may be quitting the presidential race.

Rubio was set to appear in Baton Rouge, La., and Lexington, Ky., but cancelled both events giving venues and supporters alike, short notice. The campaign gave no reason for the cancellations.

Why does Marco Rubio Sweating

People are still able to register for the events over Eventbrite. What’s more, the campaign offered no reason for the cancellation with the venues. Continue reading

Tracy Morgan Laughing All The Way To The Bank After Settling Lawsuit With Walmart

Tracy Morgan is one happy comedian again after settling his lawsuit with Walmart.

Morgan says he’s satisfied with the amount of money the corporation doled out after one of their truck drivers caused an accident that left him severely injured and his friend dead.

tracy-morgan-car accident nj

Tracy’s attorney and Walmart’s attorneys announced the settlement, but said terms of the deal would remain under wraps. Whatever they paid, Tracy’s happy with it … saying, “Walmart did right by me and my family, and for my associates and their families.” He added, “I am grateful that the case was resolved amicably.” Continue reading

Piranha Caught In Arkansas Lake

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission confirmed that a man eating piranha was caught in Arkansas’ Lake Bentonville last week.

Piranha are a scary fish with sharp fang-like teeth and rank among several species of exotic animals that are unlawful to import or transport.

piranha Lake Bentonville

According to AGFC Assistant Chief of Communications,  Keith Stephens, the fish was caught on Friday. Stephens said people have caught piranhas in Arkansas before, but they don’t last long.  “We get a few pacus and piranhas caught from time to time. They get to big from someone’s aquarium and they release them. They cannot survive our low winter water temperatures so no populations have ever been established,” Stephens said. h/t katv

Story developing.

Duggar Family Members Star In Music Video

Did the Duggar boys start a Christian cover band? Or is this just what you do when you have a ton of brothers, a lot of money and no talent?

The Duggar boys along with the neighboring Bates brood, released an interesting music video lip-syncing to the song “Happiness.” Other Duggars and Bates kids can be seen in the background fake-playing instruments.

The Duggar Family Releases a Music Video 4

Sure it’s pointless, but we got to admit, it’s also damn cute!

Continue reading

Realtor’s Body Found In Shallow Grave

On Tuesday, nearly five days after her disappearance, Beverly Carter’s body was found by police buried in a shallow grave outside of Little Rock.

Aaron Lewis, 33, has since been charged with capital murder in Carter’s death.

aaron lewis

“We are devastated at the loss of our precious Beverly,” her family said in a statement, according to KARK. Continue reading

AR Woman: Aaron Lewis Bought Home With Backpack Full Of Money

Arkansas resident, Gayle Cranford, is speaking out about her close encounter with kidnapping suspect Aaron Lewis, the man who is a suspect in the disappearance of Beverly Carter.

Cranford says the suspect in Carter’s disappearance, Aaron Lewis, approached her in 2013 about buying a house.

Aaron Lewis Gayle Cranford

Cranford recognized his photo on the news.

“I said oh my God that’s that guy I sold my son’s home to,” says Cranford. Continue reading

Little Rock Realtor Fails To Return From Showing #FindBeverly

Beverly Carter, a Little Rock, Arkansas, real estate agent, failed to return home after showing a vacant, bank-owned home to an unknown person.

Carter, 49, was set to show the home in a small town on the eastern outskirts of Little Rock and three days later, she is still missing.

beverly-carter-findbeverly 2

After not hearing from her for three hours, her husband of 35 years rushed over to the house later that evening and found the door to the house open, his wife’s locked car in the driveway and no sign of Carter.

On Saturday morning, a group of approximately 250 volunteers and authorities gathered to scour the area around the home by foot and ATV for clues that could help find the missing agent. source

Adding to the ominous feeling surrounding the disappearance, Carter’s husband said he received three suspicious text messages from his wife’s phone early Friday morning around 1 a.m.

One read, “Oh, I’m out drinking with some friends,” he told This made him even more worried, because his wife is not a drinker, he said.

Anyone with information regarding Carter’s whereabouts are being asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (501) 340-6600.

Guess What Kind Of MakeUp This Woman Got Caught Stealing!

A Fayetteville AK., woman donning heavy eyeshadow was arrested on suspicion of stealing $144 worth of, you guessed it, eyeshadow from the Ulta Beauty Store.

Brandy Allen, 31, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Detention Center after racking up charges including shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

Brandy Allen eyeshadow

Cops were called to a business on reports of a shoplifter, according to a preliminary report. Continue reading