Duggar Family Members Star In Music Video

Did the Duggar boys start a Christian cover band? Or is this just what you do when you have a ton of brothers, a lot of money and no talent?

The Duggar boys along with the neighboring Bates brood, released an interesting music video lip-syncing to the song “Happiness.” Other Duggars and Bates kids can be seen in the background fake-playing instruments.

The Duggar Family Releases a Music Video 4

Sure it’s pointless, but we got to admit, it’s also damn cute!

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Jill Duggar: Married 90 Days, 93 Days Pregnant: DO THE MATH

We already know that Jill Duggar‘s pregnancy is no immaculate conception, which raises a few glaring questions.. One being, did Miss conservative engaged in a little, how you say, pre-wedlock exuberance?

Call it investigative journalism, but used the help of simple addition to figure out this conundrum.

Jill duggar Derick Dillard. 2

The speculation began because Jill, 23, and her husband Derick Dillard, 25, tied the knot on June 21 in Springdale, Continue reading