Richard Simmons HIGH AS A KITE? In Super AWKWARD Kimmel Appearance

Richard Simmons appearing on Jimmy Kimmel in one of the most uncomfortable entrances in television history. Simmons, who turned 65 back in July, started off by ditching his signature satin short shorts in lieu of a glitzy pantsuit and then he proceeded to hump everything, (including inanimate objects,) within a Hollywood mile, on his way to the guest chair. Saying that Simmons’ was ‘flying high’ would be a huge understatement.

Bill Hader was the first victim, getting an odd lap dance from Simmons who also sucked his own thumb.

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Anna Nicole Smith Daughter Awarded $49 Million Estate

Nicole Smith daughter. Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter may receive as much as $49 million after a judge ruled she’s entitled to part of oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall’s wealth! WOW!
nicole smith daughter

Dannielynn Birkhead, 6, was declared the sole heir to the estate in 2008, but the Supreme Court ruled three years later that Anna Nicole Smith’s estate wasn’t owed any but a new ruling orders the estate of E. Pierce Marshall to PAY UP!

“This is a complete vindication of Anna Nicole’s rights and a total condemnation of what was done to her,” lawyer Phil Boesch told Forbes. “We are confident that the amount Anna’s estate and daughter Dannielynn will finally be awarded will be fair and substantial.”

Dannielynn is being raised by her Bikhead and his daughter recently appeared together at the Kentucky Debry, dressed as characters from Mary Poppins.

“I see her mom in everything she does,” Birkhead told UsWeekly, adding: “We were at the Kentucky Derby and she started smiling and posing like her mom would. People ask me to put her in modelling, but I don’t want to push.”

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Larry Birkhead Turning Anna Nicole Smith Daughter Into Toddlers in Tiaras?

Oh my goodness! Poor little Dannielynn, Anna Nicole Smith‘s little surviving daughter! She looks so plastic! I get the feeling that she’s being turned into one of those weird little pageant kids! Larry Birkhead planned the whole weird photo opp just for this years’ running of the Kentucky Derby. A function mother, Anna, was no stranger.

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Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

220209~Anna Nicole Smith Posters Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

In what may be the final chapter of Anna Nicole Smith’s life, a Houston appeals court ruled Smith would receive none her husband’s billions. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court said J. Howard Marshall was mentally fit and under no pressure when he signed a will leaving $1.6 billion to his son, E. Pierce Marshall.

It has been 15 years since Smith said her husband promised her more than $300 million, although Smith had no documentation to serve as proof of that statement. The case outlived both Elder Marshall and Smith.

A lawyer for Smith’s estate said they would appeal this ruling on different issues in the future.

Will Hugh Hefner Also Buy the Tomb Above Marilyn Monroe For Sale?

As Count reported, the plot above Marilyn Monroe is for sale at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary! After hearing this, I just had to add to this saga!

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