Jessica Alba Honest Brand Sued Over Toxic Ingredients

Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company , or THC for short, is being sued by Jonathan Rubin, a guy who claims the honest Ingredients are less than honest when it comes to being natural.

The class action suit cites the natural brand’s dish soap, hand soaps, surface cleaner and diapers. Rubin maintains a majority of the products contain synthetic preservatives and therefore should not be advertised as “natural.”

jessica alba honest lawsuit

Rubin backs up his claims with studies from an environmental group who says the ingredients were considered to be potentially hazardous. Continue reading

HAIR RAISING: Allure Uses White Hair Model For AFRO TUTORIAL

Remember Rachel Dolezal? Apparently Allure magazine doesn’t because they just used a white hair model in an article about how to obtain the perfect afro.

White actress and model, Marissa Neitling, is pictured in the how-to article that is now causing a massive backlash among African-Americans on social media.

Allure white afro article

“An Afro is not an introvert’s hairstyle,” reads the intro to the tutorial, a step-by-step informing reader that, “You (Yes, You) Can Have an Afro, Even If You Have Straight Hair.” Continue reading


Are you kidding me? How in the hell could Julianne Hough have thought this racist Halloween costume was a good idea?

o JULIANNE hough black face costume REALLY HOUGH? Julianne Hough BLACKFACE HALLOWEEN COSTUME!Hough, 25, stepped out in her Halloween costume which featured blackface makeup and a jail issue orange jumpsuit.

The dancer and former Mrs Seacrest, showed up to the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood in the dubious costume.

Kelly Osbourne Going to ‘Tone Up’ for Dancing with the Stars

Kelly Osbourne was a guest on the Ryan Seacrest KIIS-FM morning radio show on Monday. She expressed excitement about her new gig as a “Dancing with the Stars” member.

“I am so excited but I cannot tell you how terrified I am,” She told Seacrest. “I never had the confidence and technique, if you know what I mean. I’m not very graceful, so it’s just something that absolutely terrifies me, and it’s the main reason that I kind of wanted to do it. I don’t think anything could scare me more.”

“My body is going to be sick and be toned. Dancing is something I’ve always really wanted to be able to do.”

Kelly does not yet know who her dancing partner will be, but Ryan jokingly suggested in house dancer Julianne Hough. Ryan thinks the two would be “hot” together. Kelly says she’ll know who her lucky dance partner will be on Friday.

We’re awaiting the new look girl! “Shape” magazine will be calling soon!

Only Lady Gaga!

Only Lady Gaga can pull this getup off, especially when its freezing outside. Here is Gaga and her entourage full of men, on the the red carpet at the VIP Room Theatre in Paris last night. She stays in Lady Gaga character 24/7 , even Fergie becomes Stacy Ferguson at some time. Gaga needs to hire either a better makeup artist or A makeup artist because   by the looks of that heavy eyeliner, she needs to keep the shades ON.

Newly Wed Fergie “Duhamel”: Will The Ferg Use Her New Last Name?

“Fergie Duhamel”! Do you like the sound of that NEW name???

Will she have to use “Stacy Duhamel” now?


Congrats to Josh Duhamel and Fergie for finally getting married.

Wonder who will be buying the EXCLUSIVE wedding photos and HOW MUCH $$$ will the photos go for?

Hopefully more $$$ than the Ashlee Wentz baby.