Random Pictures From ‘Days Of The Dead’ Convention In Indy

TheCount.com stopped by the “Days Of The Dead” convention in Indianapolis, IN, hoping to catch special guest Writer/Director John Waters speak for two whole hours. But…

Media was not allowed to see Waters unless they payed to get into the hall where he was speaking. We were a bit stunned that media wasn’t allowed in, so we figure that the people running the convention don’t want press about Waters for what ever reason. Sorry guys, we really wanted to give you a story about Waters!
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OMG! Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con Today for Alice and Wonderland!

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a rare surprise appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con to promote upcoming movie “Alice in Wonderland”!
Surprise it sure is! Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp in the same building at the same time! Gush!!!!! Gush!!!!!
Hereeeeeeeeee’s Johnny!
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Hundreds Honor David Carradine’s Funeral Today

David Carradine in Kung Fu show

David Carradine in Kung Fu show

More than 400 people, including numerous actors, attended actor and legend David Carradine’s funeral today in Los Angeles.

Breitbart reports: “Services and the burial were private. Among those seen entering the memorial service were the actor’s brother, Keith Carradine, longtime friend Michael Madsen and “Kill Bill” co-star Lucy Liu.”

We at ThecounT are big fans of DC. Love and RIP. XO