Emma Watson PERSONAL PHOTOS From Swimsuit Fitting LEAKED Online

Private pictures of actress Emma Watson have reportedly been leaked online alongside photos of another unclothed woman. The unknown woman appears to be actress, Amanda Seyfried, who is pictured in a bathtub with her face obscured. Watson has denied that she is the one depicted in the pictures.

The Harry Potter star, 26, admits that photos were stolen from a swimsuit fitting and leaked on the web after her computer is believed to have been hacked. Watson announced that she has tasked lawyers to deal with the issue.

Web users said hacked pictures of Watson and Seyfried had been spotted on ‘the dark web’, an area of the web that allow users to surf with anonymity. Continue reading

HOLD THE CROWN: Are Emma Watson And Prince Harry DATING?

Twitter is on-fire over the news that Prince Harry and Emma Watson might be hooking up! As in an actual ITEM!

Are Watson and the Prince really dating? Or is this just another one of those cruel internet hoaxes?

Is Emma Watson DATING Prince HARRY

The reports about these so-called “secret dates” may or may not be legitimate, but to shippers of Prince Harry and Emma Watson, it doesn’t matter. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence Lays Down THE LAW On Emma Watson PHOTOBOMB

Jennifer Lawrence took the law into her own hands after Emma Watson tried to crash her solo photo-op at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in Paris.

Looks like the “Harry Potter” actress could file some sort of class-action suit with Taylor Swift at this point charging Lawrence with Grand Photo Messer-upper-rey.

Jennifer Lawrence emma watson photobomb

The “Hunger Games” star hit up the show with Emma Watson during Paris Fashion Week today and posed all nice and pretty for a slew of photos Continue reading