UPDATED BELOW. A newly erected one page dot com website, emmayouarenext, depicting Emma Watson wiping a tear away and a countdown clock, claims it plans on releasing intimate pictures of the young actress when the clock hits zero.

The rouge site also has says, “NEVER FORGET, THE BIGGEST TO COME THUS FAR.”


emma watson countdown

The website creators are reportedly irate over Watson’s recent gender equality speech.

*Update* The website has updated its daunting message for Emma.. It now says the photos will be released earlier than originally announced, the countdown clock went from over 3 days away, to just under 5 hours..

“Brought to you by 4chan.WE WILL LAUNCH EARLIER, TUNE IN ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 AT 12AM EST.”

Update #2: The site has gone live and it was a ruse. The only photos released are the following images:

emma watson 4chan countdown 3 emma watson 4chan countdown emma watson 4chan countdown 2