Mind Bending Cliven Bundy Eric Holder Dare Video Worth The Watch

In this new video starring Cliven Bundy he may be trying to tell us that he’s not a really a racist and that it’s really a divide-lovin’ government that aims to stir up the coals of racism for their own ill-begotten gains.. Okay, we’re listening.

Bundy appears in the camp spaghetti western video complete with a black sidekick, who in the reveal we find out is running for congress.. Perfection.

Cliven Bundy Eric Holder Dare Video 3

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ROUND UP! Rancher Cliven Bundy Son ARRESTED

The son of a Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, Lance Bundy, the man at the center of a standoff with BLM and federal agents in a dispute over cattle grazing rights has been arrested on a probation violation.

Cliven Lance Bundy was taken into custody without incident on Monday on outstanding warrants for contempt and violating the terms of his probation, Las Vegas Police spokesman Larry Hadfield said in a statement.

Nevada Ranchers Cattle Showdown

Bundy, the son of rancher Cliven Bundy, was sentenced to five years probation last year after pleading guilty to theft of a firearm and burglary.  Continue reading

Judge Orders Ohio Man To Hold BULLY Sign

A South Euclid, Ohio man will soon be letting everyone in town know that he’s a straight up bully after a judge ordered him to stand on a street corner this weekend holding a sign that says he picks on disabled children.


For 15 years Mike Prugh says his next door neighbor — 62-year-old Edmond Aviv — has harassed his family including adopted African American siblings with disabilities.

“You wonder every time you walk outside, you turn to your left to see if your neighbor is there spitting, yelling, screaming at you and you don’t know why,” said Prugh.
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FEDS FOLD! Cease Operation At Nevada Ranch

FEDS RETREAT IN NEVADA RANGE WAR! Updated with Livestream and Nevada Highway Patrol Scanner Traffic below.


The gathering of rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle in northeast Clark County has been stopped by the director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Bundy is meeting this morning with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie to discuss a possible solution to his dispute with the BLM.

Metro Officer Jesse Roybal confirmed that Gillespie was in the Bunkerville area this morning to meet with Bundy.

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