Sarah Palin To Barack: Hey You, You In The Denim Leotard

Sarah Palin:sarah-palin-bristol-palin-supermarket-500x719

“Anybody who carries the common-sense gene knows that Putin doesn’t change his stripes.” Palin and Hannity agreed that when the U.S. can’t “feed others with our resources,” people grow more reliant on Russia’s resources and it emboldens them, which is why the U.S. should approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Vladimir Putin, Palin said, is viewed as a man who “wrestles bears and drills for oil,” while Obama’s “potency” is one of “weakness” and said he’s viewed as a man who “wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.”

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Did Obama Score ADVANCE ‘Game of Thrones, True Detective?’

Obama was doing his best Harvey Weinstein impression by trying to obtain advance copies of several blockbuster crushendos.obama beyonce affiar

The Commander in Chief asked HBO head Richard Plepler for advance copies of wildly popular ‘True Detective’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ at the recent star-studded state dinner for the French president. Continue reading

Russian Olympic Flame Lighter Shocking Racist Obama Tweet

obama Rodnina

Former Russian figure skater and the woman was granted the honor of lighting the Olympic flame in Sochi posted a shockingly racist twit of a tweet depicting President Obama last year..

A Russian parliament member, Irina Rodnina posted a ridiculously doctored photo showing the President and the First Lady attending a sporting event.


Secret Service NOT-SO High Tech Beach Security For Obama

Obama’s Hawaii Secret Service detail is using a single palm frond erected on the beach to create an imaginary line in the sand. The archaic practice is being used to judge the proximity beachgoers can “unknowingly” get within the president’s ocean front residence.

In these pictures, an unlucky jogger crossed the line and was soon met with an abrupt visit, mid-jog from police and secret service.


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HealthCare.Gov Biggest Glitch Yet? Now Allowing Unmoderated Testimonials.. Exclusive: By now we have all heard a few ObamaCare website horror stories, mostly on TV and maybe even a few tales from family and friends, but if you wish to hear the sharpest criticism of the debacle that is the government health care website, you need look any further than that same website..

The folks in charge of the HealthCare website, HHS, may not have been able to get the calculator working, something that has been a standard component of computing since the age of the dinosaur, but they did manage to get quite a healthy and now growing testimonial comment section – And get this – it’s not even moderated.. waiting room image Continue reading