LOS ANGELES, CA. (THECOUNT) — Mark Mester, a popular Los Angeles news anchor was fired after his on-air defence of coworker, longtime KTLA anchor, Lynette Romero, on September 17th.

Mester had been suspended earlier this week, but KTLA decided what he did warranted termination.


Mester almost burst into tears as he called Romero his “best friend,” after Romero told management she was leaving after 24 years at the station.

Management would not let Lynette say goodbye to viewers … rather there was a prepared, vanilla statement Mester was supposed to read. He did not, according to TMZ.

Instead, Mester groused, “I want to start off right now by offering up an apology to you [Lynette]. I love you so much, you literally are my best friend. You did not deserve what happened to you.”

Mester was not done, calling the move rude, cruel and inappropriate.

He also told viewers a plane was flying over KTLA with a banner that read, “We love you Lynette.” The plane was chartered by Mester, according to the L.A. Times.