HONOLULU, HI. (THECOUNT) — McDonald’s outlets in Hawaii will no longer offer Saimin on their menu. Saimin is a noodle soup dish common in the contemporary cuisine of Hawaii.

The eatery announced that their 40-year local supplier of saimin, Okahara Saimin, has recently closed for business.


According to McDonald’s, because of the closure, it will no longer sell saimin.

The fast-food chain said they have no immediate plans to offer saimin.

Traditionally consisting of soft wheat egg noodles, Saimin served in a hot dashi garnished with diced green onions and a thin slice of kamaboko, modern versions of saimin include additional toppings such as char siu, sliced Spam, sliced egg, or shredded nori.

When Chinese dumplings are added to the noodle soup, it is seen on menus as the heartier wonton min. All saimin establishments have their own, often secret recipe for the soup base, but primarily use kombu and dried shrimp as major ingredients. Common table condiments mixed in the saimin broth are Chinese hot mustard and soy sauce, added in small quantities according to each individual’s taste.


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