LOS ANGELES, CA. (THECOUNT) — Unsuspecting Jessica Alba fans suffered through a barrage of disgusting racist tweet after the actor and entrepreneur was the apparent victim of a hacking over the weekend.

Alba’s official Twitter account was hijacked early Sunday morning by someone spewing vile hatred toward minorities, gays and even disabled people.


Around 14 tweets were sent between midnight and around 1 AM PT, which is when it appears Jessica and her team became aware of what was going on and regained control, reports TMZ.

One consistent mention from the troll was rapper YNW Melly — who’s currently in custody and awaiting trial for a double murder he’s alleged to have been involved in.

Luckily, they were able to delete all of the heinous tweets — but, unfortunately for them, most of the tweets had been screenshot and shared online like wildfire.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s been mum on the hack … but she’s back in the driver’s seat.