COOS BAY, OR. (THECOUNT) — All the training in the world could not have prepared K9 officer Odin for his run-in with a suspect Saturday in possession of thousands of tiny weapons, or porcupine “quills” as they are called.

Odin, a Coos Bay, Oregon K-9 officer, is recovering after getting stuck with more than 200 quills during a surprise encounter with a porcupine. The photos may be disturbing for some to view but the good news is Odin is expected to make a full recovery and is resting at home.


The Coos County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday the highly trained German Shepard was responding to the scene to hunt a suspect on Saturday when he came face to face with the unidentified porcupine.

Photos showed the aftermath with Odin’s face, including mouth and eyes, stuck with hundreds of needle sharp quills.

The search was suspended and Odin was transported code 3 to an animal hospital, where he was treated for more than two hours, reports KDVR.

Deputies said Odin is doing well and recovering at home, but the suspect and the porcupine “remain at large.”

Geo quick facts: Coos Bay is a city located in Coos County, Oregon, United States, where the Coos River enters Coos Bay on the Pacific Ocean. The city borders the city of North Bend, and together they are often referred to as one entity called either Coos Bay-North Bend or Oregon’s Bay Area – Wikipedia.