BOZEMAN, MT. (THECOUNT) — Dane M. Offutt, of Livingston, MT, has been identified as the body pulled from a river in Yellowstone National Park Wednesday.

Offutt, 29, was identified as the body found downstream from a vehicle located in the Gallatin River after it was reported missing on U.S. Highway 191 near mile marker 29 in Yellowstone National Park on the morning of Saturday, October 6.


Park officials said Friday they later found Offutt.

The Gallatin County sheriff’s office says Yellowstone rangers began searching Saturday after finding the unoccupied vehicle in the river off U.S. Highway 191. They weren’t able to locate the driver. source

After learning he wasn’t home and had missed work, the search continued.

Offutt’s body was spotted Wednesday after a search involving dogs and a drone.