Via DrudgeReport: JAMES O’KEEFE: Hillary PERSONALLY ordered ‘Donald Duck’ troll campaign.




JAKE TAPPER: You see Donald Trump walking into the arena. I’m sure he’s hoping to distract — he and his campaign are hoping to distract from the fact that Senator Ted Cruz gave one of the most remarkable speeches at a convention in modern history. He did not endorse Donald Trump.

When the New York delegation, Donald Trump’s home state delegation, realized what was going on — and in fact in some ways Ted Cruz even seemed to be suggesting that Donald Trump was not the kind of leader he would be, Ted Cruz saying things like “we deserve leaders who stand for principle,” “you must vote for people who you trust will defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution.” These are not qualities that Ted Cruz has associated with Donald Trump, and when the New York delegation realized what Ted Cruz was doing, that he was never going to support Donald Trump in his speech other than a congratulations, they started chanting angrily “We want Trump, we want Trump.” Very, very remarkable.

WOLF BLITZER: Dana Bash, you’re right near Donald Trump over there on the floor. What’s the reaction you’ve seen?


DANA BASH: I have to say, add this to the list of things I’ve never thought I would see. I was watching Donald Trump waiting up, sort of in the rafters, I’m not sure if our cameras could catch it. Waiting for Ted Cruz to end. Clearly, clearly trying to steal his thunder so that Ted Cruz would finish and then all eyes would be on the guy who really got the nomination. And that is exactly what happened. He came down, he knew everybody would be focused on him, and at the end of Ted Cruz’s speech, I’m not sure if you all could hear it, but the New York delegation they were effectively shouting Ted Cruz down. They were not happy. And then, as he ended his speech, the whole place erupted. Certainly there were some boos, not happy that Ted Cruz didn’t endorse, but I think the other commotion was just turning to the back and watching Donald Trump walk in and stealing Ted Cruz’s thunder.