While speaking to Howard Stern on his show actor Ben Stiller revealed that he successfully battled prostate cancer in 2014.

Stiller, 50, revealed to Stern the cancer was discovered in 2014 by his doctors after undergoing a prostate-specific antigen test. “It came out of the blue for me. I had no idea,” Stiller, now 50, told Stern.



Stiller said that he was diagnosed with an “immediately aggressive” form of prostate cancer in 2014, when he was 48, on Howard Stern. He was on the show with his surgeon, Dr. Edward Schaeffer and it was the first time he talked about it publicly. Although he’s been cancer for two years, he still gets PSA tests every six months. Stern and Schaeffer said that the Zoolander star was lucky that it was caught so early. Stiller’s cancer diagnosis came in June 2014, but he still had to wait two months for the surgery. He told his wife, actress Christine Taylor and their two children, about the diagnosis because it was “something [he] needed to deal with” and didn’t want them to be scared. h/t heavy

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After his appearance on Howard Stern, Stiller posted an essay on Medium, advocating for men to get PSA Tests early instead of waiting until they turn 50.