Danny Fitzpatrick is the 13-year-old boy who committed suicide after penning a heart wrenching letter detailing consistent bulling by his classmates.

Fitzpatrick attended Holy Angels Catholic Academy where he claimed his classmates teased him about his weight and grades. The boy said he went to his teachers who did not do much to resolve the situation.


Danny Fitzpatrick suicide letter

Danny Fitzpatrick who was just 13 years old who took his own life cause other children were bullying him, he went to his teachers and none of them did anything to help this innocent child who was being bullied in their school.

This innocent child can be any of our son’s who are being bullied and feel that they have no were to turn for help! It’s a shame a real damn shame and crime.

Look at Danny’s smile, take a close look at his smile and think of how he was hurting, crying out for help and hiding his pain from all the bullying and fights against other children that were once his friends.

Read Danny’s letter, read it out loud and listen to his cries for help and listen to how Danny’s cries went unanswered and now look at the results of what happen to this innocent child and his family!

They called him Danny but his full name was Daniel Joseph Fitzpatrick and he leaves behind his heartbroken Mother Maureen Mahoney Fitzpatrick, his grief-stricken father Daniel Fitzpatrick, his loving bigger sisters Shannon Fitzpatrick and Eileen Fitzpatrick and lots of family, friends and loved ones because others wanted to bully him and no one wanted to help him.

No parent should ever be burying their children! Lets pray that all bullying stops and that our children can live their childhood as children and grow into young fine adults.

This is heartbreaking, very sad and hard to understand why others find it necessary to bully others and cause more damages and heartbreak to the entire family, community and loved ones when something like this takes place.

Lets all keep Danny and The Fitzpatrick Family in our prayers and thoughts and lets pray that the family can find peace, love and support with our kindness, love, friendship and prayers. h/t facebook

Holy Angels Catholic academy ny Danny Fitzpatrick

Funeral services for Fitzpatrick will be held on Monday and Tuesday 2-4 7-9, at Harmon Funeral on Forrest Ave and Davis Ave on Staten Island, NY, Danny’s mass will be on Wednesday 11 at Sacred Heart R.C. on Castleton Ave and North Burger Ave, on Staten Island.

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