If you do a quick check on social media on the leading conspiracy theory about Antonin Scalia’s death, you’ll find that a growing number of folks think Obama had something to do with it.

Scalia’s sudden death at 79 puts the Court’s conservative majority in serious jeopardy and that fact has fueled speculation among the tinfoil hat crowd. The same crazies that seems to be so right so often these days.


how did justice scalia die

If President Obama’s eventual nominee somehow gets confirmed this year, which is no sure thing, the court will have five Democrat-appointed justices to the four picked by Republican presidents. So of course some paranoid people on Twitter smell foul play. h/t newrepublic

“RoyBoy @TheQuestman

I know Scalia was 79 but I hope an autopsy is done to make sure Obama didn’t have him killed.”

“Mick O. Richards @MickORichards
When Obama nominates another leftist activist Justice, it’ll be 5-4. Democrats needn’t murder another constitutionalist Justice.”

Antonin Scalia Conspiracy Theory A Firestorm On Social Media

“Teresa † @BlackIrishI
OMG. They killed Scalia. I knew this would happen. The SCOTUS was about to spank Obama once more for ruling by fiat and slap down his renegade EPA. Scalia died of natural causes my ass.”

How do you feel about the timing of Antonin Scalia’s death? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts below!