With Tony Romo sidelined with a broken clavicle, Texas governor Greg Abbott is encouraging the Dallas Cowboys to sign Tim Tebow.

Tebow was recently sent packing by the Philadelphia Eagles – To the chagrin of many suffering from Tebow Mania.


tim tebow cut eagels

Abbott made the “suggestion” on Twitter, “Bittersweet victory for @Cowboys. Win game but lose @TonyRomo. Maybe Dallas will sign @TimTebow. #NFL.”

Greg Abbott tebow tweet

The reaction to Abbott’s tweet was swift on social media, most accusing him of wasting tax dollars by focusing on sports and not politics.

“Nick! ‏@skorpyos
@GregAbbott_TX @Cowboys @tonyromo @TimTebow do you ever do any work that we pay you to do? #wastedTaxDollars”

“Grant @grantjonas22
@GregAbbott_TX @Cowboys @tonyromo @TimTebow Step down.”

“Lance C. Cross @Tea4gunsSC
Get a life
Give it a rest
Sports time
Not politics
@grantjonas22 @GregAbbott_TX @Cowboys @tonyromo @TimTebow”

“Grant @grantjonas22
@Tea4gunsSC @GregAbbott_TX @Cowboys @tonyromo @TimTebow Maybe we can get @TimTebow to be governor”