TX Governor: Now That Romo’s Hurt Let’s Sign Tebow!

With Tony Romo sidelined with a broken clavicle, Texas governor Greg Abbott is encouraging the Dallas Cowboys to sign Tim Tebow.

Tebow was recently sent packing by the Philadelphia Eagles – To the chagrin of many suffering from Tebow Mania.

tim tebow cut eagels

Abbott made the “suggestion” on Twitter, “Bittersweet victory for @Cowboys. Win game but lose @TonyRomo. Maybe Dallas will sign @TimTebow. #NFL.” Continue reading

Steelers Martavis Bryant OUT 4 Games Over Violating Substance Abuse Policy

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Martavis Bryant is facing a four-game suspension after violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, league sources say.

Bryant has filed an appeal.

Martavis Bryant out 4 games

Bryant, a fourth-round selection in the 2014 draft out of Clemson, caught 26 passes for 549 yards and eight touchdowns during his rookie season with the Steelers. Continue reading

DAMAGE CONTROL Mike Wallace Tweets Explanation Of Homophobic Remarks

So Mike Wallace is apparently homophobic and living in an alternate universe because dude thinks this follow-up tweet is going to do anything to help him regain respect among gay and lesbian people.. I know some of them and believe you me, they can also be pretty brutal in the comments department.. Anyway, speaking of comments, I wouldn’t want to be the guy taking THAT call from Coach later!

mike wallace follow up tweet

And for all of you rip roaring ready to say that Wallace is entitled to his opinion, you’re not taking into account the guy is a millionaire, employed to do two things, stay quiet and play football..

NFL Shame! Dallas Cowboy Charged With Beating His Own Mother

Man oh man do I HATE stories like this! A Dallas Cowboys wide receiver by the name of Dez Bryant is accused of beating up his own mom…

Sadly mama Bryant had to call 911 and get help from her raging son-of-a-bitch-son. On the call, mom says, “My son has assaulted me. He’s here now. He won’t go home. I keep telling him to go, he won’t go.” All this time Dez can be heard in the background further making a fool of himself. At this point, mom says something chilling, maybe because it might indicate past abuse of the poor lady, “I can’t let him keep doing me like this. I’m gonna put an end to it today.”

In the above referenced fight Dez threw his baseball cap hitting his mom square in the face and then grabbed her by the shirt so violently, he ripped her sturdy, mom-approved bra, according to arrest document.

At some point cops arrived and that’s when mom told them that she had gotten roughed up by her son.

Days later, mom was still complaining of pain, especially in her chest, the area Dez beat on.

The police report says there was visible bruising on her arms all caused by pounding administered by Dez Bryant’s 6’1″, 198 pound frame.

Bryant turned himself in and was booked for assault. Shame on you!