Tara Monroe, a Texas State student, was arrested for DUI, but she didn’t let a little thing like that stop her from getting around campus, she simply switched to a pink Barbie Jeep.

Monroe, 20, drives the child’s toy to classes and campus activities after her license was suspended following a DWI arrest. She bought her new wheels on Craigslist for $60. The previous owner was a little girl.


Tara Monroe pink barbie jeep college

The 12-volt battery takes up to 5 mph. She’s been spotted around her school campus, and at the University of Texas. Interested passers-by wasted no time and immediately snapped her picture. h/t khou

The junior industrial engineering major said this is the best way to get her 15 minutes of fame. As if the DWI wasn’t enough!

We got news for you Monroe, it’s already been done..

Tara Monroe pink barbie jeep campus craigslist 6