There’s benefits to exonerating the number one quarterback in America, and in this case, it’s free coffee for life.

The owner of a New England Dunkin’ Donuts must be a huge Tom Brady fan, because he’s offering Judge Richard Berman, the man who vindicated the Patriots’ QB, free coffee for life.


tom brady judge free coffee for life dunkin donuts

Berman, of course, is the judge who ruled Wednesday morning in a scalding opinion that the NFL was wrong to suspend Tom Brady for four games. So yeah, he’s a popular guy in the Greater Boston area. After a little investigative reporting, we’ve concluded that the donut shop in question is located at 1124 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine. That’s less than an hour away from Roger Goodell’s summer home on the coast. His coffee undoubtedly costs extra. h/t si

A judge saves the entire season for the New England Patriots and all he gets is a lousy cup of coffee? Where’s the free donuts?