ESPN: Someone “More Famous” Than Robert Kraft Indicted In Jupiter Prostitution Sting

JUPITER, FL. (THECOUNT) — ESPN is reporting, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, named as one of those involved in a prostitution sting in Florida, is reportedly far from the most famous person involved.

Adam Schefter said on ESPN that Kraft isn’t the most famous person — there’s someone else whose name hasn’t surfaced yet who’s better known than Kraft.

“I’m also told that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved down there in South Florida,” Schefter said. source

There’s no word on who the biggest name is, and it’s unclear why the authorities in Florida would name Kraft publicly but not name this bigger name.


Bill Belichick Shows Up To Media Q&A With Mystery Black Eye

New England Patriots‘ head coach, Bill Belichick, showed up to his news conference Tuesday sporting a mystery black eye.

Belichick surprised reporters by displaying what appeared to be a painful shiner on his left eye, but declined to reveal exactly how the injury occurred, only commenting, ‘I think I’ll live.’

Bill Belichick black eye

When asked if he planned to put himself on the injury report, Belichick said in a deadpan tone; ‘I don’t think we need to list the coaches on the injury report. Continue reading

Deflategate Judge: BRADY Is On My Fantasy Football Team!

Moments after overturning Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, federal judge Richard M. Berman admitted that he had the Patriots quarterback on his fantasy football team.

When asked by reporters, Berman said that Brady made his fantasy roster however, “played no role whatsoever” in his judicial decision.


“As a federal judge, I made this ruling based strictly on legal precedents and the merits of the case,” Berman said. Continue reading

Dunkin’ Donuts Offers Deflategate Judge Free Coffee For Life

There’s benefits to exonerating the number one quarterback in America, and in this case, it’s free coffee for life.

The owner of a New England Dunkin’ Donuts must be a huge Tom Brady fan, because he’s offering Judge Richard Berman, the man who vindicated the Patriots’ QB, free coffee for life.

tom brady judge free coffee for life dunkin donuts

Berman, of course, is the judge who ruled Wednesday morning in a scalding opinion that the NFL was wrong to suspend Tom Brady for four games. So yeah, he’s a popular guy in the Greater Boston area. After a little investigative reporting, we’ve concluded that the donut shop in question is located at 1124 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine. That’s less than an hour away from Roger Goodell’s summer home on the coast. His coffee undoubtedly costs extra. h/t si

A judge saves the entire season for the New England Patriots and all he gets is a lousy cup of coffee? Where’s the free donuts?

NFL Slams Patriots With $1M Fine Draft Picks Brady 4 Game Suspension

Talk about throwing the book at the Patriots! The NFL just announced that New England’s quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 season!

The Patriots have also been fined $1 million and will lose their 2016 first-round draft pick and 2017 fourth-round draft pick as a result of the sanctions. OUCH!



Camille Kostek Finally Finds Her Famous Football Player

Former, New England Patriots hottie cheerleader, Camille Kostek, has finally landed an NFL star, in one Rob Gronkowski. Mission accomplished old friend.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Gronk, a bonafide media darling, is officially off the market.. Better start slipping those pizzas under the door, it’s nap time again.. If you catch our drift.

Camille Kostek cheerleader patriots 5

The NFL star is dating a super hot former New England Patriots cheerleader … multiple sources close to Gronk. Continue reading