Former, New England Patriots hottie cheerleader, Camille Kostek, has finally landed an NFL star, in one Rob Gronkowski. Mission accomplished old friend.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Gronk, a bonafide media darling, is officially off the market.. Better start slipping those pizzas under the door, it’s nap time again.. If you catch our drift.


Camille Kostek cheerleader patriots 5

The NFL star is dating a super hot former New England Patriots cheerleader … multiple sources close to Gronk. The object of Gronk’s affection is Camille Kostek — who was on the cheerleading squad in 2013 and 2014 … before switching careers and becoming a TV reporter. TMZ

There have been multiple sightings of the couple out and about recently, but now sources say they’ve made it official. Score!

Camille Kostek