Camille Kostek Finally Finds Her Famous Football Player

Former, New England Patriots hottie cheerleader, Camille Kostek, has finally landed an NFL star, in one Rob Gronkowski. Mission accomplished old friend.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Gronk, a bonafide media darling, is officially off the market.. Better start slipping those pizzas under the door, it’s nap time again.. If you catch our drift.

Camille Kostek cheerleader patriots 5

The NFL star is dating a super hot former New England Patriots cheerleader … multiple sources close to Gronk. Continue reading

Check Out Rob Gronkowski LEAKED $9,000 Super Bowl Pub Tab

When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski throws a tight Super Bowl party! Look at his tab finalizing at a whopping $9K!la-sp-sn-rob-gronkowski-9000-tab-20130222-001

This year’s bowl blowout for Gronk and all his pals was no exception — he ran up a $9,000 tab.

How do you spend $9,000 on a party?

Well, start with $1,575 worth of Grey Goose vodka and $1,250 of PJ Rose champagne. Add in other assorted alcoholic beverages and some Red Bull, and then a $1,400 tip.


Of course, to Gronkowski, spending $9,000 is like a regular person spending $10. He did, after all, make $2.6 million last season. Source.

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Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To ‘Work’

That was fast, not Ron Jeremy‘s sex scenes but his recovery from an aneurysm near his heart that required multiple emergency surgeries just to save his life… Jeremy has already been cleared to go back to work… Laying down his special brand of steel.

gee ron jeremy large msg 117597188612 Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To Work

(Yes… that’s what’s his name.)
Yesterday TMZ caught up with the porn legend who was haunting the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live with Bunny Ranch honcho Dennis Hof.

Jeremy not only told us he’s feeling great following the procedures … but he’s already healthy enough to do what he does best … telling us:

 Ron Jeremy CLEARED To Go Back To Work

“They said to me at the clinic, that if you can walk up two flights of stairs you’re able to have sex… so I walked up two flights of stairs and 3 ADDITIONAL stairs.”