This is the Dentist Who KILLED CECIL THE LION

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Meet Dr. Walter James Palmer DDS, the MN dentist who killed the iconic lion, Cecil, who was known for his gentle demeanor with humans.

From Palmer’s website:

Walter James Palmer DDS cecil lion


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“Dr. Palmer is married with two children. He is a North Dakotan and enjoys all outdoor activities. Anything allowing him to stay active and observe and photograph wildlife is where you will find Dr. Palmer when he not in the office.

Dr. Walter Palmer DDS is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist. Graduating with honors from the University of Minnesota, he went on to complete Dental School there, graduating in 1987.

Walter James Palmer DDS cecil lion 2

He also attended a two year program at the Waldormar Brehm Institute of Orthodontics and stays on top of the latest trends with post-graduate training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and Scottsdale Center for Dentistry.

Dr. Palmer has a unique talent for creating dazzling smiles that complement each individuals tooth structure, skin tone, and facial attributes. One very important aspect of achieving this is taking the time to really listen and hear exactly what the patient wants in their smile and any specific concerns they may have. A comprehensive patient consult is free of charge.

At River Bluff Dental’s state-of-the-art practice in West Bloomington, Dr. Palmer provides the most current “high tech” full service general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry services.

Walter James Palmer DDS cecil lion 2

Dr. Palmer is highly skilled at designing CEREC Cad/Cam “single appointment” porcelain crowns and restorations. River Bluff Dental is also one of the few general dentistry offices to utilize the Sirona Galileos 3D digital scan. Beyond the ability to detect many dental concerns, this technology allows us to have a three dimensional view of the jaw and bone density, taking out the guess work in implant placement.

You may have seen him in the Mpls St. Paul magazine, which named him one of the area’s top Dentists, or in New Beauty Magazine, a national publication focusing on cosmetic procedures.”

Palmer’s dental business is located at 10851 Rhode Island Ave, S. Bloomington, MN 55438 952-884-5361, and currently, his office phone rings busy and his website is down.

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  • Louann Smith

    Dr Palmer is an idiot. Who pays that kind of money to kill a helpless, innocent animal? If someone has that much extra money it should be donated to worthwhile charities not used as blood money.

  • Janina

    He is nothing more ten murderer and coward, someone should kill this piece of crap

  • AirForceMed

    Walter Palmer’s dental office is a high end practice with fees of $20,000 to $100,000 for an exclusive clientele with money to spend! These clients should be aware that they are complicit in Palmer’s trophy hunting and the $50,000 he paid local poachers to lure Cecil The Lion away from the protection of the Hwange Reserve in Zimbabwe and ultimately killing the lion after tracking the injured animal for two days.
    Lions are Apex predators who will take any opportunity to scavenge. Palmer and his poaching team tied a fresh kill to the back of a vehicle to lure Cecil out of the Reserve, so Palmer could kill it. He knew they were poaching. Zimbabwe should seek extradition and prosecute him for poaching!

  • Gale

    a lot to be said about this man’s character?! One thing for sure, he is a liar… and goes after what he wants! He needs to be sent back to Africa for questioning..and imprisoned.

  • carol m

    He is obviously is a small dick.

  • Saidy barrett

    Hope someone tracks that man down and shoots him

  • Mona Baugh

    Walter Palmer lives in Aden Prairie, Minn. Charged in 2009 of sexual harrassment of his receptionist, paid out $127,000, 2008 charged with felony about the bear he killed.

  • alibaba 66645

    killing a lion for any reason other than self defense is disgusting. I hope someone skins him and cuts his head off.

  • LEDANOBennemannGmbH

    Stop that! Get yourself a dick extension instead!

  • . .

    Palmer, the well-qualified dentist with a ridiculously small penile appendage, needs to spend some “quality time” in the outback, without the benefit of his arsenal.

  • FortheSake Ofanimals

    Obviously has more money than sense to pay $50,000 to kill an old lion while I struggle to scrap together $35 to spay/neuter local stray/feral cats neighbors toss outside once they’re tired of them.

    @Walter James Palmer
    Do you have any idea how many animals you could have helped save with that same $50,000?
    What makes one person want to do their part to save the world while others want to destroy.?

  • Mike Barrett

    Hunt him down, then give him the mercy kill…

  • duncandhu

    I want Karma for this piece of shit

  • Eiv

    Hope someone decides that vigilante justice is in order for this fellow.