Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend (and honorary brother,) Nick Gordon, has been placed on ‘suicide watch’ by family members and friends who fear he’ll take his own life following her death.

Gordon, 25, is reportedly inconsolable over the death of who he claims is his wife, Bobbi Kristina.



‘He is out of control with regret and sadness. He keeps saying that if only [Bobbi Kristina] had heard his voice, things would have been different. She may have lived,’ said a source. h/t dailymail

One of the reasons Gordon may be losing it, is not over the death, but rather because now that Bobbi Kristina has died, he may be facing criminal charges.

In June, Fulton County prosecutors said that they were looking at the case with ‘renewed interest’ leading Gordon to fear he may face criminal charges in the event of her death.