Meryl Streep has three daughters, Grace GummerLouisa Gummer and Mamie Gummer.

The girls are appearing in a new ad for fashion retailer H&M.


Meryl Streep daughters Grace Gummer Louisa Gummer Mamie Gummer 6

H&M’s sister brand, which launched a U.S. online store last year, will showcase colorful styles from Clare Vivier‘s new Co-Lab collection. “I was thrilled when &OS enlisted my friends and favorite sisters, Mamie, Grace and Louisa Gummer, to star in the campaign, which was shot by legendary photographer Stephen Shore,” the Los Angeles-based designer said on her website. “The shoot took place a few months ago at my home and at CVHQ.” eonline

In two pics, the three stand in the sun while wearing bright button-down shirts, three types of jeans and three types of handbags.