Scott Stapp is on a 9-week drug bender, this according to the rocker’s son, Jagger.

The Creed singer posted a rant of a confessional video saying, among other things, that his bank accounts have been seized, now his son is speaking out for the first time on Twitter.


Scott Stapp Son SPEAKS jagger

During Stapp’s video, the Creed frontman made a plea to his son, Jagger, to not believe any of the lies being spread about the elder Stapp and he professed his love for his son.

Well, looks like young Jagger, who is now 16 years old, isn’t taking the bait. A posting on a Creed fan forum shows that Jagger recently tweeted from his private account about his father. h/t metalinjection

stapp jagger twitter

The latter tweet is in response to Scott’s Facebook feed displaying his recently listened to tracks.