Was Malaysian airline MH17, a Boeing 777, shot down over eastern Ukraine by militants using a Buk-M1-2?

The aircraft came down near the city of Donetsk, stronghold of pro-Russian rebels.


Buk-M1-2 3

The Buk-M1-2 air defence missile system is designed to protect task forces and installations against mass attacks of existing and prospective high-speed manoeuvring strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters, including hovering ones, tactical ballistic and air-launched cruise missiles, under intensive electronic and fire counteraction, as well as to destroy radio-contrast surface and ground targets, in any weather conditions, by day and night.

Buk-M1-2 is a state-of-the-art mobile multichannel medium-range ADMS capable of providing highly effective anti-aircraft and anti-tactical ballistic missile defence. source

System Composition:

* Combat assets.

* Support assets.

Typical combat assets include:

* 9S470M1-2 command post;

* 9S18M1-1 target acquisition radar;

* Up to six 9A310M1-2 self-propelled launch vehicles;

* Up to six 9A39M1 launcher-loader vehicles,

* Assigned to SPLVs;

* Up to 72 9M317 surface-to-air missiles, carried on SPLVs (up to four on each) and LLVs (up to eight SAMs with four of them ready-to-fire on launch rails).

The support assets include maintenance and repair assets for the ADMS main elements, including tracked vehicles.

A group of up to four ADMS is provided with the following support assets:

* Maintenance and repair facilities for the ADMS elements, and an automated integrated missile test and monitoring system;

* Missile storage and transportation means (with rigging equipment to load/unload the missiles);

* Training facilities;

* A group set of spare parts, tools and accessories for the ADMS elements.


The Bangladesh Air Force is in the process of procuring Buk M1-2E air defence missile systems. Once procured, they will provide protection against enemy aircraft and missiles. Such air defence systems are likely to be deployed around key national installations including military bases, bridges, powerplants and the other government owned facilities.


Origin: Russia

Type: Area Air Defence System

Missile Length: 5.50 m, Diameter: 0.86 m, Wingspan: 0.4 m

Missile Weight: 715 kg

Operating Altitude: 150-25,000 m

Operating Range: 3,000 m to 42,000 m (Missiles: 20 km; Ground targets: 15 km; Surface targets: 25 km)

Speed: Mach 3

Guidance: Semi-active radar homing

Single Shot Hit Probability: Aircraft: 60~90%; Helicopters: 30~70%;
Cruise Missiles: 40%

Radar Detecting Range: 160 km

Radar Homing Range: 30 km

Warhead: 70 kg; HE-FRAG with radar proximity fuse

Service: Bangladesh Air Force

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