Westboro Baptist Church protesters usually go for the throat, but this time something is different.. Friday, the protesters held a sign that expressed condolences for the recent loss of their church’s leader, Fred Phelps.Screen-Shot-2014-03-22-at-12.57.13-PM-620x350

“Sorry for you loss,” the sign read.


Westboro members, proudly displaying anti-gay, anti-solider signs, were protesting outside popular singer Lorde’s concert when they were confronted with the sign.

It did not appear they knew how to react.

“I don’t even know what they mean by what they are saying,” one perplexed Church member told KSHB-TV via The Blaze.

Another sign displayed by the counter protesters read, “Live your life and be awesome.”

We realized that it wasn’t so much about antagonizing them, but sending out the counter message that we are here for people who need that message and need some positivity,” one member of the group explained.