VIDEO: Fleet Of BUSES Caught IMPORTING Trump Protesters

Contrary to mainstream media’s claims that the anti-Donald Trump protesters across the nation were assembled “spontaneously,” involving people from all walks of life”, the truth is, the unruly agitators are not only paid, they are bussed in from other locations.

Wikileaks documents show several people profiled by a USA Today piece on the protests of the President-elect, have a history of being professional agitators for the Democratic party. The gainfully employed protesters’ task is to stir up the coals, unleash rioting, some of which have turned violent.


Courtesy of a Zero Hedge reader, we have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago. As our reader notes, “I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with busses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. Continue reading

Mongolian Wrestling Coaches DISROBE To Protest Bad Call During Olympics

Two Mongolian National wrestling coaches disrobed in front of an arena filled with fans and onlookers. This was in protest to a bad call made by the officials/judges during a wrestling match at the Olympics that impacted the outcome.

This was supposed to be the bronze medal match for wrestling at the Rio Games. It was down to Mandakhnaran Ganzorig of Mongolia and Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Uzbekistan.

Mandakhnaran Ganzorig Mongolia Ikhtiyor Navruzov

There was about 7 seconds left on the clock and Mongolia’s Ganzorig began celebrating by running around the area in what he thought would be a 7 – 6 victory in his favor. However, this was not the case, Uzbekistan challenged the scoring and by stating the wrestler (Ganzorig) failed to continue engaging with Navruzov and there was time left on the clock.

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Donald Trump And Team GET STUCK In Colorado Elevator

Donald Trump along with members of his team got stuck in an elevator while visiting Colorado. The incident caused him to be hours late to his scheduled rally.

The Republican nominee was trapped in the lift for 30 minutes ahead his Friday Colorado Springs appearance. He was eventually rescued by members of the Colorado Springs fire department, multiple local outlets reported Saturday.

trump stuck in elevator colorado springs

According to news station KRDO, emergency crews responded to an elevator rescue at The Mining Exchange Hotel where a group of 10, including the Republican nominee, was trapped between the first and second floor. Continue reading

AZ Trump Protesters Blocking Highway To Rally Harassing Drivers LIVESTREAM

Protesters took to the streets of Fountain Hills in Arizona on Saturday block morning traffic to the Donald Trump rally.

News helicopters showed protesters blocking Shea Boulevard with a several Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies on scene.

AZ Trump Protesters Blocking Highway To Rally Attacking Drivers LIVESTREAM

A tow truck was able to move two vehicles but the protesters remained. At one point, a jeep plowed into the protesters. Continue reading

GRAND JURY: No Charges For Officers In Fatal Shooting Of Tamir Rice

A grand jury decided not to indict a Cleveland police officer or his partner for their roles in the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Rice, a black youngster, was holding what turned out to be a realistic pellet gun.


Patrolman Timothy Loehmann fatally shot Tamir Rice within two seconds of a police cruiser driven by Frank Garmback skidding to a stop near the boy in November 2014. Continue reading

3 Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot at Minneapolis Police Precinct

Three people protesting cops at a police Precinct north of Minneapolis have been hospitalized after a shooting Monday night, police say.

Witnesses at the scene say they were white supremacists that were hanging around the rally before they were asked to leave. Witnesses claim the men came back a short time later and fired six shots at protesters just north of the precinct, on the 1400 block of Morgan Avenue North. The shooters remain at large.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot at Minneapolis Police Precinct

Minneapolis Police Deputy Chief of Staff Medaria Arraadondo says all three victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at North Memorial Medical Center. Continue reading


NYC grand jury returns no indictment against cop who used choke-hold on Eric Garner.



A New York City grand jury on Wednesday returned no indictment against a white police officer who used a choke hold on Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, while arresting him for illegally selling cigarettes, local media reported.

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