Motorists were left sickened after witnessing the horror stench of a 50ft rotting whale carcass being hauled by truck to a dump.


The huge sea creature had been dead for at least five days before it was loaded on a truck and loosely covered by only a tarp.


Mark Stephens took photos of the whale as he drove home from work.

“There was a Land Rover in front and behind, flashing orange lights and this massive whale with its head and tail chopped off,” Stephens said adding,

“There was blood and guts dropping off the back and everything.

“The smell was unbelievable. I’ve worked near an abattoir and that smelled bad, but this was something else.

“It was incredible really. You would have thought given the state it was in they would have transported it at night. I don’t think I’ll see anything like that again.”

The giant sperm whale died when it became stranded on the Kent coast near Seasalter more than a week ago. source