Five San Francisco police officers and an ex-officer have been indicted on charges ranging from extortion and dealing drug to stealing computers and searching residential hotels without a warrant.628x471

Officers Arshad Razzak, 41, Richard Yick, 36, and Raul Eric Elias, 44, all formerly assigned to the Southern police station at the Hall of Justice, are accused of conspiring to threaten and intimidate residents of single-room occupancy hotel rooms by entering them without legal justification by using a master key, the indictment said.



Sgt. Ian Furminger, 47, Officer Edmond Robles, 46, and former Officer Reynaldo Vargas, 45, of Palm Desert, engaged in “multiple criminal conspiracies,” including drug dealing, stealing money, gift cards and other items from suspects, and stealing money, drugs and other valuable items that were seized on behalf of the city, the indictment said.

Furminger also allegedly extorted property from an individual.

The investigation began after San Francisco District Attorney George Gasc├Án referred the matter to federal authorities, citing a conflict of interest. In March 2011, Public Defender Jeff Adachi had released surveillance videos from a hotel in the Tenderloin neighborhood, asserting that several officers entered rooms without legal cause. source