Muhammad Ali Junior, 41, fights to survive collecting food stamps and lives in a badass Chicago neighbourhood! The son of the most famous boxer of all-time last saw his father over a year ago.
Muhammad Ali jr

Ali Junior claims he couldn’t even get through on the phone to wish him a happy birthday!


Muhammad Ali Junior, who lives in a tiny two bedroom flat with his wife Shaakira and two daughters Ameera, six, and Shakera, five, says he has repeatedly tried to contact his father on the phone but doesn’t have the money to make the trip to his Kentucky mansion.

tumblr_m40w8juLpa1qm9rypo1_1280He told The Sun On Sunday: ‘As soon as he married Lonnie, that’s when the problems started. We can’t see him any more. He can’t see his own brother because of Lonnie.
‘I tried calling him on his birthday but go no answer. When I call, they usually say he’s in the shower, sleeping or in therapy, and to call back.

Those who have defended Lonnie claim she is protecting Muhammad Ali from family members who want to sponge off his fame, but this kid ain’t just any mooch! We are talking about Ali’s namesake here people!