O.J. Simpson claims he fathered Khloe Kardashian, which means the currently incarcerated ex-NFL sensation smushed Kris Jenner at some point in time. Wow.. What a lot of us had already figured out on our own has now been confirmed by an actual participant! Which would make Khloe a Simpson.

Fox News said on Tuesday, rumors were running rampant over are Khloe Kardashian’s real biological father;


The new issue is adding fuel to the already smoldering fire over Kardashian sister, Khloe Kardashian’s true parentage, posting that an unnamed source has revealed O.J. believes that he is Kardashian’s real father because, he thinks Khloe resembles his daughter Sydney Simpson, with Nicole Brown.

OJ even appeared in the dreadful video Kim produced for her friends back in the day..