The cover of the National Enquirer shows a photo of O.J. Simpson, with a quote from him saying, “I’m Khloe’s Real Dad!”

Before you laugh and say, ‘Yeah right! It’s the Nat’l Enquirer- who believes them?’, you should know that a Hollywood insider once told me, that the magazine actually does get the majority of the news right. Yes I dropped my jaw, but this respected insider’s tip has stayed with me for a long time- and now I’m telling you! So listen up…


Khloe’s Mom Kris Jenner has been a Hollywood socialite and in with ‘the money’, ever since she had hooked up with her late former husband Robert Kardashian, who was a big shot lawyer and was famous for defending O.J. Simpson’s murder case.

So the Kris connection to O.J., is that Robert Kardashian was O.J.’s lawyer, then Kris got to know O.J. herself at various social events- all before the big murder scandal. Bruce Jenner, Kris’ current husband, was close friends with O.J.’s late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and later on Kris and Bruce hooked up after O.J.’s notorious murder trial.

These Hollywood celebrity and socialite parties were full of hook-ups, drugs, sex, groupies- all driven by money and fame. These guys all used to party together, and it’s no wonder that O.J. could possibly be Khloe’s Dad.

According to this video below, you can see that Kris Jenner admired O.J. Simpson and became friends with him at before the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case. We wonder how long Kris and O.J.’s fling went on? Were they secretly still seeing each other when O.J. married Nicole Brown? Was O.J. crying on Kris’ shoulder at the time of Nicole Brown’s death?

In this video, Kris Jenner is starring in her own music video, singing a song about all of her friends in high places. O.J. Simpson’s face reoccurs throughout the video, proving that Kris had a thing for ‘her friend’ O.J.

When we saw this video a long time ago, before everyone wondered who Khloe’s Dad was, we thought that Kris definitely hooked up with O.J. or wanted to!