I find this outrageous, however, not surprising. A copy of Beyoncé’s concert rider is hitting the Internet, displaying the singer’s arrogant and downright bizarre demands..



* All crew members must wear 100% cotton clothing

So seriously? If you work for Beyoncé you have to check your label every five minutes?

* She sips only alkaline water warmed to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

So if comes in at 69.9 she won’t drink it?

* Hand-carved ice balls on hand after each show to soothe her throat.

Who is in charge of carving the damn ice balls?

* Bathrooms must have new toilet seats

So Beyoncé hits town and the venue has to change all of the toilet seats? Unbelievable..

* Red toilet paper!

So what? Is this to hide the evidence?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how those pyrotechnics react to being exposed to all that 100% cotton clothing! That will warm your sipping water up a little.. KABOOM!

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