The powered drug derived from the ‘borrachero’ tree seed, loosely translated ‘get-you-drunk‘, can be administered by simply blowing the powder in the victim’s general direction. If you’re the unlucky recipient of this nasty hallucinogenic you might get caught doing something stupid, like, helping a crook clean out your flat, just like this lady did…


“he was guiding me wherever he wanted too. I was like a child,” says a woman who got dosed by a strange man asking for directions in the street, “It is painful to have lost money, but I was actually quite lucky.”

But it wasn’t just cash that she willingly gave to the crook, she also helped him gather all of her belongings, including her boyfriend’s life savings and then walked him to the car. The next day she asked the building’s doorman why he had allowed her remove all the belongings from her apartment and pack them into a strange man’s vehicle, the doorman replied, “Because you told me to.”

Stories surrounding the drug are plentiful ranging from simple date-rape to folks reportedly cutting out their own organs and handing them to their abductors.

In ancient times, the drug was used to make short order out of unfortunate folks who after being administered the drug, walked willingly into their own graves and buried themselves alive.