Only in Utah… A Utah woman purchases a box of tampons at a discount store that deals mainly in misdirected and damaged freight (huh?) — The NPS store is described as a “salvage and freight recovery company that sells its products in two stores in Salt Lake City.” So we need to get over the strange fact that this woman buys her tampons at a salvage company because this story is about to get even better. So she rushes home, for obvious reasons, opens the tampon box and finds, not tampons, but a butt-load of coke.

Cindy Davidson was no doubt already in a bad mood when she discovered her bounty and after she convinced herself it was anthrax her mood got even worse! Cops called to the scene soon determined that the white powder was actually cocaine and have now launched a full fledged investigation into the where the “Boots” brand tampons really came from.


Davidson said on her Facebook page that she had actually gone to the NPS store for Crest Whitestrips but bought the Boots brand tampons instead “bcuz they were cheap,” Davidson went on to say “No one would ever believe what has happened 2 me 2nite. I bought a package of tampons filled with cocaine bags, I have had hazmat and the police at my house all night. I will post details as they become available. Totally tripping out.”

The store has removed the remaining boxes of Boots tampons from their shelves and are helping police backtrack the source of the wayward cocaine…

Source: The Smoking Gun

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