A creepy diet called the “K-E Diet” will make you shed 20 pounds in 10 days!

This creepy diet works by a Doctor inserting a feeding tube into your nose, which runs into the stomach. Through the tube, a slow-drip mixture of liquid protein and fat, mixed with water (zero carbs) goes into your body- totalling 800 calories a day.


Body fat is burned up by a ‘ketosis’ which leaves muscle intact. Hunger and appetite goes away for the whole 10 days, and you are left way thinner than before!

After the solution is given to patients, they go live-out their next 10 days like a sick person, whilst carrying around a tote bag of protein solution, with the feeding tubes sucking the liquid protein in through their noses.

Apparently this diet has been used in Europe for many years, but it’s considered a ‘new’ trend to the U.S.

To go on the K-E Diet with your Doctor, it costs roughly $1,500 for the 10 day program. Brides-to-be or anyone who thinks they need a quick way to lose weight fast are the perfect candidates for this creepy process. Doctors say that people with kidney problems should avoid the diet.

I found a list of things that patients have to do whilst on the diet:

* You will have a soft, spaghetti sized K-E tube
inserted through your nose and into your stomach
for the 10 day Diet.

* At home you will prepare a powdered food
supplement diluted in water and a small battery
powered pump (supplied) will feed it through the
tube continuously 24/7 for 10 days.

* Over this time you must only drink water,
unsweetened tea, black coffee with no additives of
any kind including lemon, milk and artificial
sweeteners or sugar.

*You will need to measure the amount of ketones
in your urine daily using the dipsticks provided.

* You will fill in a daily record sheet of your
weight and other parameters.

* Visit the Clinic (who setup your K-E Diet) 3
times per week during the 10 day program.