FURY After Woman ATTACHES NEWBORN To Wedding Dress Train

Shona Carter-Brooks is the woman who attached her one-month-old daughter to the train of her wedding dress, outraging many.

Do you think this was a cool idea or simply idiotic? Comment below!

Shona Carter-Brooks 3

Shona Carter-Brooks, who lives in Jackson, certainly turned heads during her wedding ceremony when she glided down towards the alter with a one-month-old baby in tow. Continue reading

Creepy ‘K-E’ Feeding Tube Diet Trend Hits the U.S.!

A creepy diet called the “K-E Diet” will make you shed 20 pounds in 10 days!

This creepy diet works by a Doctor inserting a feeding tube into your nose, which runs into the stomach. Through the tube, a slow-drip mixture of liquid protein and fat, mixed with water (zero carbs) goes into your body- totalling 800 calories a day.

Body fat is burned up by a ‘ketosis’ which leaves muscle intact. Hunger and appetite goes away for the whole 10 days, and you are left way thinner than before!
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