“Crazytown” singer, 37-year-old ‘Shifty Shellshock’, whose real name is Seth Binzer, is reportedly in a coma.

**UPDATE** As of Thursday April 5, 2011, TMZ reports that Binzer is no longer in a coma and he is now conscious.


Binzer, who is recently known for being one of many patients of Dr. Drew on “Celebrity Rehab”, reportedly has been in an Intensive Care Unit, and has been ‘completely unresponsive’ since last Thursday. No more information has been given about his condition, as we do not know if his coma is drug-related.

That being said, we assume that he relapsed again. Binzer has been struggling with various drug addictions for at least 10 years now, but he was sober for a while which was just after his time on Celebrity Rehab, up until early this year.

I chatted with a ‘sober’ Binzer at “Hot Dog On A Stick” in Santa Monica, CA back in November 2011, and he was talking about how he ‘had been sober since the show’. He really did look ‘cleaned up’, and his attitude was very positive then. We shared some laughs and I left feeling proud of him. That Santa Monica Cali sunshine really can do wonders for the soul!

Just a few months after our hot dog run-in, he was arrested for cocaine possession in Los Angeles on Feb. 16. 2012. His hearing was supposed to be this week, but obviously he won’t be making that appearance in court.

We can now add Shifty to Dr. ‘Death’ Drew’s list of people who ended up worse than before they went on his ‘cursed’ Celebrity Rehab show.