Dr. Drew Daughter: I Was Addicted To Throwing Up

Paulina Pinsky, the daughter of TV’s Dr. Drew Pinsky, has not benefited from having an addiction specialist father in her life after admitting a seven-year battle with anorexia and bulimia, code words for stimulant abuse, a.k.a. cocaine, adderall and or meth..


Paulina’s troubles began after being forced to train as an ice skater by her parents, mainly mom, Susan.

“My ability to listen to my mother had disappeared when I had hit rock bottom four months prior and had put myself into therapy. Continue reading

Celebrity Rehab OVER!

It finally happened, Dr. Drew came to his Dr. Kevorkian senses.. At some point realizing his show, Celebrity Rehab, was more a precursor to people’s deaths then it was about rehabilitation. And though Pinsky made millions off the show, all that money won’t bring back the 5 dead celebrities who appeared seeking help for their addictions..  Count em folks! 5 celebrities expired after appearing on a show seemingly designed to help them.. All that and he is still trying to act like the injured party..

dr-drew-blood on hands

“Rodney King dies of a heart attack and I take the blame for that,” Pinsky said in a recent interview. He sounded a bit hot under the collar as he also said: “To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame?”

I would like to think TheCount.com is responsible for putting the heat on and shining a light on Pinsky by keeping a high-profile tally of all the dead celebs that had appeared on CR.. Hey Dr. Drew! Is that money signs I see in your eyes? And is that blood I see on your hands?

Celebrity Rehab McCready 5th Tv Show Death To Date

Mindy McCready makes for the 5th person to end up dead after appearing on Dr. Drew’s, Celebrity Rehab! Click here to view full list of every cast member from ever season. Prediction time?

dr-drew-blood on hands

Jeff Conaway Actor – Alcohol; cocaine; painkillers – Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, Zoloft, Ambien.

travolta conaway

Rodney King – Became a U.S. civil rights figure when videotaped in 1991 being beaten by L.A.P.D. officers, whose later acquittal sparked violent riots in L.A. Alcohol.


Joey Kovar – Cast member on The Real World: Hollywood Alcohol; cocaine; ecstasy; methamphetamine; steroids.280ae_joey-kovar-real-world-mtv

Mindy McCready – Country music singer OxyContin; alcohol – McCready states that she takes prescription Xanax for anxiety as needed, and that the painkillers found among her belongings during Intake were for her shoulder, which was dislocated a month prior.Lastfm_MindyMcCready

Mike Starr – Former Alice in Chains bass player Heroin; methadone; methamphetamine; cocaine; marijuana.mike starr


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Another Celebrity Rehab DEATH! – R.I.P. Real World Star Joey Kovar

Joey Kovar, the MTV, “Real World” cast member who also appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” — was found dead near Chicago this morning.


Kovar was only 29 years old.

Joey was discovered by a friend who noticed blood coming out of Joey’s ears and nose.

Cops were called and he was pronounced dead upon their arrival.

Kovar tried to get help for his drug problems by enlisting in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab TV reality show, but sadly, like a growing number of stars who trusted Pinsky, Kovar stayed on drugs eventually joining the growing list of dead Celeb Rehab alumni.

Dr. ‘Death’ Drew Patient ‘Shifty Shellshock’ Relapses

“Crazytown” singer, 37-year-old ‘Shifty Shellshock’, whose real name is Seth Binzer, is reportedly in a coma.

**UPDATE** As of Thursday April 5, 2011, TMZ reports that Binzer is no longer in a coma and he is now conscious.

Binzer, who is recently known for being one of many patients of Dr. Drew on “Celebrity Rehab”, reportedly has been in an Intensive Care Unit, and has been ‘completely unresponsive’ since last Thursday. No more information has been given about his condition, as we do not know if his coma is drug-related.
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