300px Purple heart certificate Purple Hearts Mistakingly Sent To Dead Marines

Stoic family members of fallen (as in deceased) Marines had to be a little bit more stoic this holiday season after a Marine Corps blunder sent them Purple Hearts, an award meant for Marines injured but still alive.


The ornament was complete with the correct name and even a nice letter about how nicely the Marine was rehabbing, trouble is, these Marines had already been killed in the line of duty. The Corps became aware of the mishap after some of the families began contacting them understandably very upset.

“There are no words to express how very sorry we are for the hurt such a mistake has caused the families of our fallen warriors,” said Col. John L. Mayer, commanding officer of the Marines Wounded Warrior Regiment. ”This initiative was meant to thank combat-wounded Marines and sailors for their service.”

I think the guys who have to do the job of remembering the fallen Marines need a little break.

300px USMC running suit Purple Hearts Mistakingly Sent To Dead Marines