Being the social media nerd that I am, there are times when it gets overwhelming and I get techno-stressed! I have found some great ways to get relief from social media stress so you don’t crash and burn. You can’t exactly quit your life on the Internet, you just need to do a few things to break up the constant stream of insanity.

-Do you sometimes have a hard time sleeping because of an email you read before bed?


-Do you wake up and check your email, and find that your Mom is bothering you again about that money you owe her?

-Do your eyes burn late at night from playing Angry Birds in the dark? Does your wrist hurt from typing or catapulting birds?

-Are your Facebook notifications and emails stacked up to no end?

-Does your back hurt from your bad posture?

If you answered one of these questions, then you need an relief from the Internet!