In Ft. Lupton Colorado, a nightmare came true for a woman with child…

A pregnant woman who was 6 weeks along went to a Safeway pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic her doctor had prescribed, and a pharmacist gave her an abortion drug by mistake! The pharm gave her methotrexate instead, which is for chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis and to terminate early-stage pregnancies!

Mareena Silva said after she took the pill she felt nauseous and then read the bottle label and it wasn’t her prescription! The methotrexate was intended for a 59-year-old woman with the exact same last name as Silva’s and a similar first name.


Silva told ABC 7 News Denver, “My doctor immediately told me to try and make myself vomit to see if I could get the medicine to come back up.” Silva was then rushed to the hospital and was given charcoal to absorb the drug.

Doctors told Silva there is a chance she could miscarry, or that the baby could have some birth defects because of the methotrexate.

I smell a big lawsuit against Safeway!