A recent poll by website TMZ tells us that most people don’t buy the domestic abuse claims by Mel Gibson’s ex Oksana, and it doesn’t end there. TMZ polled almost 200,000 folks on a variety of questions regarding the Mel, Oksana saga and here are some of those results:

When asked if Oksana should be prosecuted for extortion 70% said “Yes.”


When asked if Oksana released the tapes that she secretly recorded of Mel in exchange for money 89% said “Yes.”

When asked if Mel is a danger to his baby girl Lucia 73% said “No.”

When asked if the case is about Custody or Money 91% said “Money.”

And finally, 71% do not think Mel well be convicted.

The numbers don’t lie, and the scale is tipped in Mel’s favor by a large margin, so what say you?